Amirah got her drama-and theatredegree at the Lemmensinstitute in Leuven, her bellydancedegree at the School of Bellydance in Eindhoven and she took classes with the best international Tribal Fusiondancers like Rachel Brice, Mardi Love,Sharon Kihara,Moria Chappel, Kami Liddle, Samantha Hasthorpe, Suhaila Salimpour, Silvia Salamanca, Anasma...

In november 2010 she won the title of "Tribal Fusion Bellydancer of the world" at Leyle Jouvana's contest in Duisburg.

In Tribal Fusion she found the perfect dance-style to tell her story.

Therefore she is well known for her expression and emotional touch.

As well as solo as with Tribal Fusionduo Kokoro (Tribal Fusionduo Bellydancer of the year 2009), she is enjoying the fun, the challenge and the many possibilities of this mesmerizing style of dance.

Amirah is an open an dedicated teacher with a clear structure and lots of humour.

Amirah has become this years Sportswoman of the year in Ham. She got this titel due to her first price at The Bellydancer of the world competition in Duisburg.

Amirah has just achieved the Suhaila Salimpour  Level 1 certificate !